"And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight"

Phil 1, 1-11

Executive Members

The executive committee was elected last May. Currently it is composed of ten students, two of which are Student Representatives on the Faculty Board. The aim of the executive is to lead the association forward by creating a vibrant atmosphere to encourage theological dialogue between students on campus.


Originally the Royal University Students’ Theological Association, the Għaqda Studenti tat-Teoloġija was formally founded in 1945. However, recent research has shown that this Association was in fact a spin-off from an earlier society called ‘Ċirkolu ta’ Studju bejn l-Istudenti tal-Kors Akkademiku tat-Teoloġija’ whose first meeting was held on the 21st of December 1942 at St Joseph’s Institute at Ħamrun.


Għ.S.T. is the official student organisation of the Faculty of Theology, with the aim of creating a space where members get to know each other more and feel part of our university. The representation of its members with university authority and the help offered to students in theological, spiritual and intellectual formation, also through solidarity initiatives, is important to us.

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Għ.S.T. Foundation Day 2014

The Għaqda Studenti tat-Teoloġija (Għ.S.T.) is organising a debate about the issue of same-sex couples within the broader horizon of what is meant by ‘a family’, as part of the Foundation Day celebrations on Friday 21st November at 19:15 at The Archbishop’s Seminary, ir-Rabat.

Welcome 2014-2015!

We at GhST would like to welcome you to another year of Theological studies. We hope that this year we continue where we left off last year in exploring the ways of the Lord. This year’s GħST executive includes both morning and evening students. We have a number of activities in the pipeline which we are sure they will be of interest to you. You can find a quick profile and contact details of each member on the team here: http://ghstmalta.org/executive-members-2014/ As you might be aware, the University no...

GħST ‘Make My House A Home’ Orange Charity Campaign – 13th edition

For the 13th time, GħST presents you the ‘Make My House A Home’ Christmas Campaign, popularly known as the Orange campaign.  This popular name is due to the freshly squeezed oranges given out during this 2-day campaign; this year being held on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of December at the University quadrangle. This year besides oranges, we will also be having doughnuts, cakes and hot beverages.  One can also spend some relaxed time playing table tennis with his friends, or maybe even play a game of draughts.  All...

Is The Bible Obsolete? – GhST Foundation Day 2013

GhST would like to invite you for its 68th anniversary of its Foundation. The idea this year is to analyse if the Bible has become obsolete when it talks about Social Justice In the light of Pope Francis’ teachings, it is right to search how the Scriptures affect our daily life, especially when it comes to Social Justice.   GhST is setting up a debate, entitled: Is the Bible Obsolete? between Rev. Dr Paul Sciberras, Fr Carmel Delia and Mr Justice Joseph R. Micallef.   We will start with...

The Maltese Law and Social Justice

Ghaqda Studenti tat-Teologija in collaboration with GħSL is organizing a debate at the University quadrangle with the theme being ‘The Maltese Law and Social Justice’ The speakers are Dr Nadia Delicata and Dr Ray Mangion Event info...


On Friday 11th October, we are inviting Gh.S.T. members to come and join us for this BBQ. This is an opportunity for the theology students to socialize with others in the course and to get to know each other more. More Details Out Soon   More details can be found...

Unity in Diversity – a zuntier.com competition

zuntier.com launched a grand competition which will see 4 lucky winners going on a familiarisation trip to the main EU institutions in Brussels, organised by the European Commission Representation in Malta. Winners will also receive other gifts and vouchers from iLab and Papier Plus. It’s really easy to participate and vote. Visitwww.facebook.com/zuntier and click on the Facebook Apps. Participants are requested to send their entries by not later than the 6th November, 2013. Entries received before the 13th October will also be eligible to be chosen to participate in an...

GhST @ KSU’s Freshers’ Week – 2013

‘Welcome to the experience – make the most of it!’ These are the words I would pronounce to all freshers; to all the students who will be starting their first year at the University of Malta.  These will be a couple of years which will mark your life, because here you will grow as persons, in knowledge and in personality, and you will make friends whom you’ll have for the rest of your lives.  So my advice is to make this journey of studies one to remember, and the...

zuntier.com – Approaching its 1 year’s anniversary

Another initiative be Ghst is, a project called Zuntier.com. The scope of zuntier.com is a very simple but at the same time very challenging. The website aims to bring together faith and reason in today’s world, particularly within campus life.

Aquinas Lecture – 2012

“Topic: ‘Listening to churchgoers. Who they are and why they stay'” was the final lecture delivered by Rev. Canon Prof. Leslie Francis discussing who are the churchgoers and why should we keep taking care to include them in our fold.     “Topic: ‘Listening to churchgoers. Who they are and why they stay'” From Aquinas Lecture, posted by Ghaqda Studenti tat-Teologija on 5/04/2013 (9 items) Seminarju – Aquinas Lecture 2013 © MMXIII Christopher Bugeja Seminarju – Aquinas Lecture 2013 © MMXIII Christopher Bugeja Seminarju – Aquinas Lecture 2013 ©...