GhST @ KSU’s Freshers’ Week – 2013

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 |

‘Welcome to the experience – make the most of it!’ These are the words I would pronounce to all freshers; to all the students who will be starting their first year at the University of Malta.  These will be a couple of years which will mark your life, because here you will grow as persons, in knowledge and in personality, and you will make friends whom you’ll have for the rest of your lives.  So my advice is to make this journey of studies one to remember, and the best way to do that is to involve yourself as much as you can in this university life.

Here it is not all about lectures and study.  Yes, those are the main aspects which university offers, which would hopefully result in you increasing your knowledge and find a career which best suits you.  But do not let your university experience stop there; otherwise you would have missed out on a lot.  There will be moments when you will get tired of attending lectures, of reading, of researching, of studying and doing assignments.  You would feel alienated from your original motive of entering university and from what you want to achieve.  Therefore you should involve yourself in all student activities, and this is where we as a student organisation can help.  Our scope of being is to give a more holistic taste of university by easing the relationship between students and helping them build on and put their studies into practice.  We also aim to be a bridge between the students of the Faculty of Theology and all other students.  These happen through all the activities that are organised by Għ.S.T. as well as those organised by other student organisations, the KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) or the UOM.

So join us in order to make the most of this experience!

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