zuntier.com – Approaching its 1 year’s anniversary

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 |

The scope of zuntier.com is a very simple but at the same time very challenging. The website aims to bring together faith and reason in today’s world, particularly within campus life.

Zuntier’s goal is to offer a place where one could find a well reasoned and coherent with reality analysis of various subjects and issues. The idea is not to make sermons but to offer questions and reflections rather than dogmatic and ready made answers.

We wish that the readers of zuntier.com appreciate the beautiful aspects in life and consider different perspective and ideas apart from those which, today, we are accustomed at hearing … thus the challenge.

We aim at offering challenging ideas and ideas that challenge. As part of our 1 year’s anniversary celebrations we are organising a writing and arts competition. More details here.