Welcome 2014-2015!

Posted on Oct 1, 2014 |

We at GhST would like to welcome you to another year of Theological studies. We hope that this year we continue where we left off last year in exploring the ways of the Lord.

This year’s GħST executive includes both morning and evening students. We have a number of activities in the pipeline which we are sure they will be of interest to you. You can find a quick profile and contact details of each member on the team here: https://ghstmalta.org/executive-members-2014/

As you might be aware, the University no longer accepts automatic membership to any association, thus we had to amend our Statute and accordingly change our membership scheme. You can read the Statute here: https://ghstmalta.org/downloads/?did=353.   In order to be a member of GhST one now needs to enrol. Anyone not submitting a duly filled application forms this year will not be a member until he does so. Please note that former members are no longer considered members until they submit an application form.

As an appreciation for the effort of submitting your application form, we have teamed up with a number of sponsors, (this list is still growing), who have agreed to offer us a discount on presentation of your GhST membership card. These include a 10% discount on consumables from Scan Computers, 10% on all cash items from Preca Library, 5% on all books from Mireva, 5% from CTS Mechanic Services, and 10% on all website hosting packages from Solutions-Lab.NET (our website partner for ghstmalta.org and zuntier.com). Further details about the list of sponsors can be found here: https://ghstmalta.org/membership-sponsors-2014-2015/

Furthermore, all those submitting a duly filled application form by not later of 30th October will automatically be entered to into a raffle with the following Prizes:

Pizza for 2 voucher gently offered by D Kalkara Regatta.

A New York Times Bestseller by Danielle Steel: Friends Forever donated by Agenda Bookshop

The raffle will take place during the GhST’s Foundation Day. The winners will be asked a question of skill.

You will also receive a goodie pack upon re/joining GhST. This year, we are leaving it as a surprise, but all we can say is it smells nice 😉 You can collect your pack from our stand when you fill up your application form. Each member will be entitled to only one pack. Needless to say we will keep providing our online vast selection of past papers for our Members for free!


A project which we are embarking on this year is what we are calling: ‘An Ethic a Month’. We will be holding a discussion with other students from different faculties and each month we will be discussing a particular field in ethics.


‘An Ethic a Month’ we will be inviting students at GhST stand and Zuntier.com Stand to write their opinion on a chosen ethical topic and be photographed and uploaded on zuntier.com’s facebook page (https://ghstmalta.org/freshers-week-2014/). The most liked photo will be rewarded an S4900 Finepix Fuji SLR Camera courtesy of PhotoCiancio.com. The second price will be a voucher for 2 Pizzas from D Kalkara Regatta. Both will be awarded during the Foundation’s Day celebrations in November.

The Ethics a Month campaign will consist of monthly series of chats, with the first session held with the Philosophy Students with the topic: ‘Ethics: Who cares?’ This will be held on Tuesday 7th October @ noon.

We would like to invite to our Freshers’ Week BBQ. This event will be open to both Morning and Evening students. This event will be held on Tuesday 7th October @ 7.30pm. The aim of the event is that in a relaxed environment we can get to know each other and socialise whilst enjoying the last days of Summer. Tickets can be collected at the door by all Faculty of Theology students against a donation of €4 in aid of GhST. You need to inform us of your presence 3 days before, by email (to make sure that we have enough food for all). For tickets or further details contact any Committee member or send an email on [email protected] or visit our Freshers’ Week stand on Quad. See you all there!

The last event which we would like to invite our evening students is the Inauguration Day Mass on 1st October @ 6.00 pm. We will start with a Mass together followed by some introductory talks regarding GhST by the Students’ Representative, the Evening Course Liaison and the President. We can then proceed for some light refreshments.

We hope that you do appreciate all our efforts in making this year another year to remember whilst studying Theology. We hope to see you at many of our events.

One last thing: if you would like to contribute to our project zuntier.com, we are currently in the process of restructuring. Please get in touch with us on [email protected]

Best regards

GhST Executive Board 2014-2015