What we’ve been up to

Posted on Sep 4, 2017 | 0 comments

These last weeks were quite a hectic period for us Student Reps. As the Faculty is preparing to welcome the new students, a lot more work has been going on.

In August Bernard and myself met other Student Reps for our first official meeting of KE, the official student representatives commission of the UoM. The agenda was quite a lengthy one but if I had to summarise it in two words, I would say: student involvement. The commission agreed that we are to put the student first in all our commitments, thus, we agreed to set up a number of standing committees in order to group the faculties based on proximity in the academic field and the student reps can better deal with any arising matters. More updates on this one in the next month’s update.

We have also reviewed the current UoM Act and agreed to commit to a sub-committee in order to better discuss this act. Last week we met in order to set up a draft report which will then be presented to the KE/KPS (Social Policy Commission) meeting next week. Albeit a long meeting, it was a very fruitful one. We would like to take this opportunity to ask anyone interested to get in touch in order to formulate better the position which we are to present to the minister of Education. This act will be the main law which regulates the functioning of our university, thus, we all should give it some of our time. If anyone wants to share his/her opinion, kindly approach one of us reps.

Back to the KE meeting. We have also agreed to allow any students not forming part of the commission to come as a viewing gallery. In order to better engage with students, each of the reps will have an allocated time during Freshers’ Week in order to meet the freshers of one’s faculty. We will post our allocated time on our facebook page. Stay tuned 🙂

Our latest commitment was late last week, where Sinclair, Bernard and myself participated in a morning long Faculty Board. Of interest to the students we discussed in detail a new course offered by the Faculty: Masters in Environment Ethics and also the conversion from SThB to MTh. May we take the opportunity to remind all our students that if you need any item brought forward to the agenda, please speak to one of us in order to better represent your cause… after all that’s why we’re here!

One last word, may we remind you that we are revamping our subscription system, and as things stand, every student has to register with GhST. Therefore, please head to https://ghstmalta.org/register/ in order to officially become recognised as a member 🙂

PS: If you think we’ve been busy, you can’t imagine what the reset of the Exec are prepping up for the months to come. A small hint: remember the number 70!