Għ.S.T. Foundation Day 2014


Same-sex couples within the broader horizon of what is meant by ‘a family’

The Għaqda Studenti tat-Teoloġija (Għ.S.T.) is organising a debate about the issue of same-sex couples within the broader horizon of what is meant by ‘a family’, as part of the Foundation Day celebrations on Friday 21st November at 19:15 at The Archbishop’s Seminary, ir-Rabat.

The panel will consist of a psychologist, a sociologist, a representative from each of the political parties, and a representative for Drachma LGBTI. The debate will be chaired by Dr Jean-Paul De Lucca, a philosopher and director of the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences

During the Synod of Catholic Bishops in October, the issue of language featured many times in discussions. Thus, Għ.S.T., in full collaboration with the Faculty of Theology, has chosen to open the discussion such that it also includes how the politics of language are changing to accommodate all possible paradigms of relationship. The discussion will start by the speakers presenting their personal reflection of the words of paragraph 55 of the final report of the Synod. The floor will afterwards be opened to questions and reactions.

At the end of the debate, the president of Għ.S.T. will present prizes to the winners of the “An Ethic A Month” competition that Għ.S.T. organised for this year’s Freshers’ Week at the University of Malta.


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