Student Representation

Posted on Mar 27, 2019 |

Faculty and KE

The student representatives are your main link to the university administration on most academic issues. The main role of student representatives is to represent the students in the faculty board meetings. There are currently three student representatives at the moment; Roderick Baldacchino representing the post-graduate students, and Karl Andrew Schembri and Clive Seychell representing the undergraduate.  As part of our commitment towards the students, student representatives are also invited to the KSU Education Commission to discuss education policy together.

The Kummissjoni Edukazzjoni, thus the KSU’s Education Commission, is the official platform where student representatives from all the faculties and institutes meet to discuss the education policy. This Commission prepares the KSU’s position on education issues and provides another link for the students with KSU.



As GħST, we believe that our responsibility towards students and society should not be solely limited to the academic aspect. It is our duty to voice our concerns on social issues that are discussed on a University and a national level from time to time in order to give our contribution to the ongoing dialogue and debate. It is for this reason that we also actively participate in Kummissjoni Politika Soċjali – KSU’s Social Policy Commission – wherein such issues are discussed on a University level between all student organisations. This year’s KPS Liason for GħST is Kurt Galea.